Bellagio on Lake Como is an Escape from the Ordinary

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Where is Bellagio?

Bellagio is a comune, or township, in the Province of Como. Como is located in the Italian region of Lombardy, which is in the northern and central part of the country. Bellagio itself is nestled in the mountains of this region of Italy right next to Lake Como. The majestic mountain scenery that is priceless in its beauty combines with the views from land out on to crystal clear lake water that make it hard to rival for visual splendor. The panoramic vistas that this region of Italy provides make it wonderful for vacations and weddings.

Why should I buy a penthouse in Bellagio?

discover the best bellagio como lake penthouses

A luxurious escape from your day to day worries to this area will be greatly amplified by finding a Bellagio penthouse. From a penthouse you will be able to live in style while enjoying the amazing town that surrounds you. You can roam down the stone walkways lined with shops and restaurants that showcase wares and foods that will dazzle your senses and fulfill every desired indulgence. Bellagio affords you the opportunity to soak in the rich history and culture of this area. Visiting churches such as Chiesa San Giacomo and Chiesa San Giorgio will reinforce the historical significance of religion in this part of the world. The Madonna del Ghisallo is a mecca for cyclists to ride to for the scenic, tranquil and challenging route there and back.

Rent a boat on the Como Lake

A private boat can be chartered to take you out on Lake Como to enjoy the scenery of the town and mountains from the water. Your guests can enjoy tranquil, scenic outings on land and water and then return to an exclusive party at your Bellagio penthouse. This locale provides a one of a kind combination of scenery, old world charm, fascinating destinations and luxurious amenities for those who seek the best out of life.

When visiting you may so completely fall in love with this beautiful region, that you find you wish to live here. There are agencies that can find luxury real estate for those who wish to make the transition from tourist to resident. Even if you have obligations that keep you in another part of the world for extended periods, Bellagio can be your retreat from the stresses and concerns of day to day life with a vacation home. If one is not able to live in this region year round, it does provide wonderfully mild summer temperatures that make it a great place for a seasonal home. There are specialized agencies that exist that can help you make your dream of a permanent Bellagio penthouse a reality.