From Raw Material To Hot Rolled Profiles

Hot rolled profiles are by far currently the most popular as well as the most economical technology to produce steel sections. Depending on the type of raw material, the desired shape needed, mechanical properties and the surface condition of the item, the hot rolling process is preferable as well as cost effective. Each hot rolled profile is generally used for specific building reasons such as; construction, machinery, hardware, transportation industry, and waste water systems. Some are even used for shipbuilding. 

hot rolled profilesThe process for hot rolled profiles is their hot rolled stainless steel billet based rolling systems. Some companies will differ in which options will be available to you- though you want to make sure you are going with the most cost efficient if that is what is most important to you. When comparing it to the more conventional rolling mills, some companies will use a special hot rolling mill, which begins with a wire rod. This also aids in lower production costs, as well as savings for the customers.

Hot rolled profiles set up allow for a higher degree of deformation, and therefore more complex shapes can be made during output. Although stainless steel is the go to medium for the hot rolled profile, there are other options when it comes to this product. Those other options include; carbon, alloy, and cutting steels. By choosing the correct medium for the job, and working closely with the manufacturer it allows for a better product. Each job requires specific measurements and pieces that will go to the company and be needed for the turnaround for your steel.
Hot roll profiling has been a long set tradition that is still being used today for a reason. Leonardo Da Vinci first brought the mills to England in 1590 where they flourished and brought with them many years of sturdy architect and well-built materials such as tools and barrels. Rolling metal and pressing it as such has come such a long way and truly offers builders and architects so much more. Hot roll profiling is an asset we will always pass on.