Gazebos Help Create the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

white square gazebo

Outdoor weddings always have a feeling that is a bit more special and romantic than their indoor counterparts. There is something about being in the open air, and in nature that makes the event feel more like a very special occasion. In order to create a magical, outdoor event space, many people turn to gazebos to ensure that their guests are comfortable and not adversely affected by the outdoor elements. Gazebos provide shade and shelter, look beautiful, and can add visual interest to photographs of the ceremony. A gazebo at an outdoor wedding can add just the right touch, both aesthetically and functionally.

Choosing the gazebo that is best for your event

white square gazebo

Planning a wedding is a very particular process, and adding a gazebo to an outdoor event can make the occasion even more memorable. The most important factor in choosing the right structure, is determining the expected number of attendants, and the desired placement of the gazebos.

The needs of some events may be met by connecting several gazebos together in order to create a large, single covered area; while others may require smaller gazebos that are independent and provide multiple areas in which to congregate. There are several different gazebo options available for weddings of all types, large and small. Modular systems help to ensure that the structures are easy to assemble and the installation will be a breeze.


Part of a charm of an outdoor event is enjoying the tranquility that fresh air and open spaces can provide. However, it is sometimes best to provide a lawn covering for the comfort of one’s guests. Women wearing high heels will not enjoy sinking into the ground, and a dance floor is a real necessity for any wedding.

Modular flooring can provide a smooth surface for dancing, and look great too! It is easily assembled and comes standard with a leveler that is simple and straightforward to use. The adjustable feet provide from 10 centimeters to 30 centimeters in order to ensure a level, and comfortable floor.

Mario Orlando & Figli is an established company in the event structure industry, having been established in 1984. Their expertise and experience with events can help to take some of the worry out of the wedding planning. Utilizing a trusted and well-respected vendor will help minimize stress, and the use of beautiful gazebos will help to make the event extra special.