Jobtome Blog: Helping Job Seekers Find a Job in the UK

Jobtome has everything that you and other job seekers need to get a good paying and successful job in the UK. Clear, simple and user-friendly, it is easy to navigate. It will not waste your time. The site is divided into four informative and useful parts. They are located on top of the screen. You will find that all the information in the site is thorough, practical and in-depth. You can search alphabetically and browse by region, area of interest, company, and blog. The blog site provides numerous and applicable articles which you can use as pointers for career guidance, growth and development.

Constantly updated, Jobtome contains over a million classified listings everyday. Eight of the nine regions in the UK are covered. These regions are East Anglia, the Midlands, North East England, North West England, South East England, South West England, Yorkshire, and the Humber. Remember that as an unemployed worker and professional, you cannot afford to squander time. The cities listed for every region is complete. Take for example, East Anglia. If you want to get a job in a specific city, just click on the region where the city is located and you will find the location you desire. There are more than 100,000 help wanted classified ads offered in that region.

job-searchThe third section of Jobtome, entitled “area of interest,” contains twenty-three job classifications. This particular area makes it possible for you to tailor your searches effectively to get a job as soon as possible. You can choose the distance or radius of how far you want to travel. Choices are from 25 km to 50 km, 75 km, 100 km, and 150 km. The line of work covers careers in every field. All you have to do is to click on your area of interest and follow the prompts. Here are some of the selections listed: accounting and finance, administration, executive and management, construction, computers or IT, engineering and architecture, beauty and fashion, , sports and fitness, arts and literature, legal, social care, education, and transportation. Employment possibilities are enormous. For example, if you are searching for an executive position, you will find more than 24,000 open spots. A search in the sports and fitness department yields more than 800 available positions. The website is so well designed that there is a section for new graduates who are looking for their first job.

If your purpose is to get hired by a particular company, the fourth category to get a job in the UK has the most comprehensive information. Once you open ‘browse by company’, you will have access to myriads of companies and corporations that are in need of employees. The listing contains names of businesses in the UK beginning with letters from a to z.

Jobtome’s Blog: Job Seeking and Career Guidance

Jobtome’s blog, the fifth and last section is focused on career guidance. There are five categories. These categories are job search, career development, employment law, interview tips and job interview. The articles are easy to understand, relevant and full of common sense. To view the blog, you can either type the subject you want to read or you can click on one of the categories to find the materials that are related to your questions and circumstance.

You will learn many important things if you use the blog as your reference when it comes career guidance. The materials written are easy to comprehend. Their advice range from:

  • an intelligent guide to planning your career
  • how to use the internet to find and apply for jobs
  • what to expect from recruiters and potential employers
  • efficient methods on how use Link-In to get hired
  • the features of a successful CV: including format, wording, what to put and not to put
  • suggestions on how to write the perfect cover letter and acceptance letter, including email communication
  • professional salary negotiation and how to get the amount that you desire
  • financial advice for job seekers who want to work in London
  • finding the best employers in Manchester
  • Italian speaking jobs that are offered in London
  • available seasonal jobs and part-time weekend jobs
  • specific career advice in finance, accounting, and sales
  • interview etiquette on how to behave, what to wear and how to follow-up after the interview
  • how to work at home and get legitimately paid
  • online working opportunities, pay, position and expectations
  • present UK employment legislation
  • what to do and how best to handle discrimination in the workplace.

Remember that the above are only a few of their articles. You can read more in Jobtome’s blog. You can also subscribe to updated job opportunities and new blog articles by typing your email address in the appropriate box on their website. Imagine being able to get the best and professional career advice for free. The reality that you will get hired for a job in the UK is more viable through Jobtome. The design, organization and information point in that direction. It’s the only source that you need to acquire the position that you have always wanted.